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Answer This: My Business Will Double If...

When starting or growing a business, there’s so much that needs to get done that it’s hard to step back and plan. I remember wondering how I was going to get through an entire day’s worth of current work and couldn’t fathom adding a planning exercise. It felt decadent to spend time on something that didn’t need to get done that day. When I finally took the time to think big, it became so obvious what the high-impact activities were that would move the business forward. And in hindsight, the day-to-day work was trivial in comparison to strategizing an entire year’s progress.

In a conversation with a new founder this week, I was reminded just how valuable spending an hour to step back and plan could be. Her action item between that call and our next? Fill in the blank on the following sentence with as many items as she could think of. Then prioritize the list based on the potential impact these changes could have on her business.

If I double _______, it will also double my business.

In this particular case, the entrepreneur recognized that she’d be better off in a year by making her process more efficient and repeatable than if she sold another customer. She was able to refocus her new efforts from marginal sales to things that will move her business forward sustainably. This is a huge realization! Instead of continuing to do her day-to-day activities, she put in the work to make her business more successful.

So I ask you this: what can you double now that will also double your business?

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