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Exciting DealerScience News

The coolest part of chatting with our dealer partners about our tools or walking them through a new product is that moment when it clicks: the “aha!” where they realize that DealerScience solves a problem or fills a gap they may or may not have known their dealership had. Whenever I experience that moment with a dealer, I am thrilled because that feeling is the same one I had when I created DealerScience seven years ago. In fact, my favorite conversations are ones where I’m able to say “Thank you! We work really hard on these tools and it means so much to us to hear that you see the value.” I am always grateful and humbled when a colleague appreciates our solutions.

That is why I am excited to share today news that will allow DealerScience to continue creating even more value for our dealer partners: we have been acquired by TrueCar, the leading online automotive marketplace.

DealerScience will operate as a subsidiary of TrueCar, focused on continuing to innovate the digital retail, desking, and inventory management spaces.This allows us the opportunity to accelerate the pace of development and provides remarkable resources to fuel our goal of empowering dealers to bridge the gap between website and showroom. DealerScience and TrueCar share a common passion for helping both consumers and dealers leverage technology through strong product advancements and customer service. We created our process for working with dealers the way we appreciated being treated by vendors and we intend to keep and constantly improve this style and level of support.

Today, many dealers are embracing digital retailing and it is clearly a wave of the future. Both we and TrueCar believe that it is important to enable dealers to participate in this trend in a way in which they maintain control of the timing and content of F&I offers and products provided to their customers through digital retailing tools. Together, our two companies are intent on ensuring that customers of both DealerScience and TrueCar continue to benefit from the expertise that our dealers have come to depend on and trust.

I am also thrilled to share that DealerScience will maintain our incredible team headquartered in Boston. Our past seven years of growth could not have happened without them and I look forward to beginning this next chapter with our team and a partnership with TrueCar that will bring our products and solutions to the next level.

Thank you to our dealer partners for guiding us to where we are today. I am humbled and honored to work with you as we continue to bring you the best in digital retailing.

Please reach out with any questions. We are, as always, here for you.

Andrew Gordon

Founder, DealerScience

VP of Digital Retailing, TrueCar

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