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Sign Up: Start-Up Office Hours

When I talk with start-ups, I can see the early DealerScience team in their story and questions. People everywhere asked how they could help us but we didn’t know what help we needed. Before DealerScience had customers, employees, or even a salable product, I remember having so many questions that I didn’t even know what to ask. Who should I hire first? How should I price the product? How do you legally create a company? What am I supposed to be doing that I don’t even know about yet?

The truth was that we didn’t know what came next or what new lesson would help accelerate our growth. So most of the important lessons were learned by figuring out what not to do. In hindsight, we needed someone to listen and help us understand what was next, offering advice on the work needed to accelerate our business forward.

Now, I love working with start-ups to give them the advice, truth bomb, or introduction that I would’ve wanted someone to give me when we were at that junction with DealerScience.

Want to chat during my office hours? Let’s connect! Send me an email or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I'll get in touch.

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